The Future is 'Tarabut': Redefining Open Banking

In the ever-evolving landscape of finance and technology, rebranding often marks a significant milestone. It's not just about a fresh look;  it's a renewed vision, a reaffirmed commitment, and a bold step into the future. We embarked on this exciting journey with our new brand identity for several reasons.

It all started with asking ourselves, why are we here? As a company, we aim to pave the way for an accessible, personalised, and connected financial ecosystem. There's no way to achieve this without working closely with our partners. These have been core to our rebrand, embodying our dedication to innovation and progress. Let's take a closer look!


Creating Meaningful Connections in Open Banking

At the heart of our rebranding is our name, which signifies a fundamental concept: connectivity. "Tarabut" is an Arabic word that means "interconnection".  Interconnection takes the idea of connection a step further.

This name embodies the essence of open banking - a seamless connection between financial institutions, fintechs, and individuals. It represents the partnership approach we take with our customers and partners. Tarabut aligns perfectly with our roots and our dedication to serving the MENA region, where connection is paramount to achieving financial inclusion.


The logo

A Symbol of Connection and Openness 

Our new logo choice is more than just a design; it's a visual representation of Tarabut's commitment to openness and connection. The two squares, intricately interconnected, symbolise stability, reliability, and strength,  qualities that reflect what we stand for. This connection signifies our strong links with our partners and dedication to being a trusted partner in the journey toward financial innovation.

The typeface we have developed adds a bold and assertive touch to our brand identity. The open 'A' at the center stands for open banking, reflecting our transparency and openness. Together, these elements narrate Tarabut's story as an open and interconnected force where trust and collaboration are core to our mission to transform the financial landscape.

Why Rebrand?

We wanted to better convey our purpose to the world. Our vision is to enable personalised financial services that seamlessly integrate into people's lives—immediate and tailored to their needs. To achieve this, we sought a fresh new look that is simple, meaningful, and connected to our core values. We look forward to continuing this journey of growth, partnership, and shared success with you. And there's exciting news—an Arabic experience will soon be available!




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