Cumbersome payment processes

Traditional payment capabilities pose challenges with slow processing, high costs, and security concerns. Delays in fund transfers and settlements impact cash flow and efficiency. Transaction fees and intermediaries add to the costs, affecting profitability. These limitations hinder businesses from offering efficient, cost-effective, and secure payment experiences.

Faster, cheaper and safer payments

Open Banking provides a transformative solution by streamlining payments and reducing delays. It enables direct bank-to-bank transfers, minimising intermediaries and lowering costs. Open Banking empowers businesses to deliver efficient, cost-effective, and secure payment experiences to their customers.

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Our partnership with Tarabut unlocks a new era for crypto asset adoption in the region. Through quick and efficient deposit mechanisms, end-users on Rain’s platform will now be able to fund their accounts and capitalise on market movements seamlessly. This integration with Tarabut cements Rain’s premium product offering in the region.

Joseph Dallago
Rain CEO
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Faster Settlements

With direct bank-to-bank transfers, transactions are completed instantly, providing a seamless and convenient payment experience for businesses and customers alike.

Reduce Costs

Minimise intermediaries and transaction fees, reducing expenses associated with payment processes to optimise your financial resources and improve your bottom line.
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Enhance Security

Robust authentication protocols and encryption to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of payment data. Protect against fraud and unauthorised access, giving your customers peace of mind.

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Secure bank-to-bank payment with real time settlements and significantly reduced costs.

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