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Limited access to financial data

Traditional Personal Finance Managers struggle to access comprehensive and real-time financial data, limiting the ability to provide accurate insights and recommendations. Additionally, the manual linking and updating of disconnected financial accounts create a fragmented and time-consuming user experience.

360 view of finances

Securely access a wide range of financial data directly from customer bank accounts, providing comprehensive insights. Automate data aggregation, eliminating manual entry and offering real-time, holistic views of user finances, enabling accurate insights, seamless integration, and a connected financial experience.

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Through Tarabut's open banking technology, Khaleeji Bank introduced 'Khaleeji 360' to offer our customers a personalised banking experience. Our customers can effortlessly link accounts from various banks, gaining a holistic view of their finances via our Mobile App. This partnership cements our commitment to innovation and efficient services, propelling us into the forefront of digital banking.

Osama Ali Nasr
Khaleeji Commercial Bank CTO

Improve Engagement

Boost customer engagement and loyalty by providing a comprehensive and seamless financial experience.

Expand Market Reach

Open doors to new market opportunities, allowing you to a serve a broader customer base with access to a comprehensive network of banks.

Data-Driven Personalisation

Leverage comprehensive financial data, delivering tailored recommendations and predictive insights to enhance the customer experience.

Products you’ll need


Real-time access to an array of financial data via Open Banking APIs.


Transform raw transaction and merchant data into actionable insights .

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