Complaints occasionally arise when clients or end-users are dissatisfied with Tarabut's services. Handling financial matters requires trust and respect, making complaints is an essential part of our operations. Complaints are an opportunity for us to learn, rebuild relationships, and improve. 

What Are Our Complaints Principles: 

  • Openness: We maintain a clear and publicized complaint process. 
  • Impartiality: We emphasize resolution over blame, with independent investigators. 
  • Accessibility: Clients have access to the complaints process at any reasonable time. 
  • Completeness: We gather facts, involve both sides, establish common ground, and verify explanations. 
  • Equitability: We treat everyone equally. 
  • Sensitivity: We handle each complaint with care and consideration. 
  • Objectivity for personnel: We inform and involve those involved, provide updates, and encourage learning. 
  • Objectivity monitoring: Senior management conducts random checks on complaint responses. 
  • Charges: Our complaint process is free for all. 
  • Accountability: We are accountable for reporting actions and decisions in complaint handling. 
  • Continual improvement: We continuously improve complaints handling and product/service quality. 
  • Timeliness: We respond to and close complaints quickly, within regulated timeframes 

How Can You Complain? 

You can raise a complaint by: 

What Do We Do with Complaints? 

When a customer complains to Tarabut: 

  • They receive an automated confirmation of their complaint. 
  • We contact them within 5 working days, providing investigation details and introducing the person responsible. 
  • We involve our internal team to find a solution 
  • We keep the customer updated and aim to provide a final response within 4 weeks. 


Data Protection and Confidentiality 

We value confidentiality while maintaining openness: 

  • We protect information related to Tarabut, team members, contractors, and other parties. 
  • Complaint-handling staff receive Data Protection and Privacy training. 
  • We adhere to Data Protection Principles: 
    • Handle data lawfully and transparently. 
    • Collect data only for specific, legitimate purposes. 
    • Store relevant, necessary personal data. 
    • Maintain data accuracy. 
    • Limit data retention. 
  • Employees handling complaints ensure: 
    • The complainant understands data collection reasons. 
    • Essential information is recorded. 
    • Secure storage within an access-controlled portal for the complaint.